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"Check It Out" Franklin NC Rapper Scotte Lo

As a seasoned Professional DJ, I get excited when some new music comes out that isn't trash. I recently happend to spend some time with a young rapper named Scotte Lo and this guy is legit. When not working a regular job, this up and coming artist spends all of his time doing music. It is easy to see why Scotte Lo proclaims himself "The Rap King of Franklin NC." He is self produced, and has recently released a string of videos on his Facebook account. With a show planned for November 2nd, in his hometown of Franklin, North Carolina, he is definitely turning heads. His flows are unique and he has lots of catchy lyrics in his songs that are sure to get stuck. Some of these include:

"Arm out the window Middle finger to the haters And I know my flow is toxic You gon' need a respirator" -Sittin In The Chevy

"Hold up dog Ya'll aint ready Im in ya nightmares Just like Freddie" -Sittin In The Chevy

"I been waitin for someone to test me I can do this by myself I dont even need B" -Check it Out

Scotte Lo is part of a local rap collective that goes by FTMS. Do yourself a favor and click some of the links below to check out Scotte Lo for yourself.

Contact Scotte Lo for bookings and music related matters by clicking here

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