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Things you should look for when choosing the perfect Wedding DJ.

Appearance and Demeanor: Is the DJ clean cut and appropriately attired? Is he articulate and confident in his approach and communication? Does he come across as accommodating, personable, and someone who can maintain his composure throughout your wedding? Performing Style: The company should have already suggested a suitable DJ based on your stated preferences, but the DJ himself should be able to explain his general performing style. Is he more of an entertainer and motivator, or more unobtrusive and low-key? Does this match what you're seeking? While any good DJ has some flexibility in his approach, a "high-energy" DJ will never be able to keep things truly understated, and the reverse is also true. It's important to get a very clear picture of the DJ's natural instincts and style. Experience and Knowledge: A DJ should, upon request, provide you with information on his performing experience. He should also give you a sense that he is knowledgeable about wedding protocols and the music you enjoy. Relationship to the Company: It's worth asking a DJ how long he's been with a company, and how you can be guaranteed of his presence at your wedding. Does the company sign a contract with the DJ for each event or otherwise obligate them to perform? Willingness to Respect Your Wishes: The DJ's listening skills -- as opposed to just telling you all about himself and how he does things -- says a lot about how receptive he'll be to your ideas and preferences. The DJ needs to listen to you, so that he has a clear understanding of what you want, and can tailor his performance to meet your needs. You should also try to determine how flexible the DJ is. Sadly, there are many DJs out there (and vendors of all types, as a matter of fact) who are completely set in their ways and who will do little to accommodate your individuality. If the DJ comes across as skeptical of your ideas, or anything less than completely interested and enthusiastic, you should strongly consider looking elsewhere.

DJ Don is an award winning wedding DJ with almost 20 years experience. For more information about our services, please visit our website at

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