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People who just HAVE to book a wedding DJ

Over the weekend I was between gigs and decided to kill some time at the Asheville Mall. While trying to find a parking spot, and old lady drove up behind me a few times and was honking.

Maria said "I think that lady is trying to get our attention."

So I jump out and the lady rolls her window down, completely disrupting the flow of mall traffic, and says "Hey I been following you all over the whole parking lot trying to write your number down. Are you a wedding DJ?"

Me: Ma'am, yes I am, but you are holding up traffic.

Lady: Oh stop, they can wait, I need to book a wedding DJ! Do you have a card that I can give to my so and so...

Me: (pulls one out) Yeah ma'am here ya go but you better get outta the road

Her: Thanks so much sir, we will get a hold of you.

The moral of the story is this: having my information on my vehicle is a great idea. It looks professional at events and helps get leads on the road.

Book a DJ today!! Happy 4th of July!!

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